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Our specialty is Airports

With aviation safety our priority, we balance the needs of airport owners, land owners and project developers interested in tapping the full potential of the airport economic engine.

FInancial Planning & Capital Programming

Financial Planning and Capital Programming is critical to creating a strategic long-term vision for airport development. Understanding financing options, development alternatives, and regulatory obligations will ensure that an airport’s objectives are balanced with tenant needs, market demand, and daily operational realities.

Land Use Planning

We provide airport land use planning expertise to airports, cities, counties, and private land developers to ensure that the highest and best use of land on and near airports can be a safe and compatible neighbor to its users and surrounding community.

Facility Planning

Airport facility planning involves a comprehensive assessment of airfield, terminal and landside demand against available real estate and financial resources to achieve a program that meets the needs of the airport, passengers, and tenants. What is required to potentially upgrade, expand, abandon, or modify existing facilities must be weighed against long term goals and costs.

Business & Policy Development

Airport’s today are market-driven requiring a business-oriented organization. We work with our clients on strategic plans, air service development, airport operations analyses, construction phasing, and financial planning to optimize service and maximize revenue.


Johnson Aviation is a certified SBE that provides a range of land use and financial solutions for airport development programs.
We understand the unique business and regulatory considerations of airport development.

Johnson Aviation is a certified small business enterprise (SBE) that provides strategic land use and facilities planning, financial planning, and capital programming for the airport industry. We offer our public and private clients a range of services, from program management and grant funding to litigation support. Whether large hub or general aviation airport we understand the unique considerations for airside and landside development, entitlements, the surrounding airspace, and environmental requirements. Our team has been working on airport projects since 1991 and with its network of partners can create individualized approaches for projects of every scope and size. We have extensive experience working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on national policy development and at the local airport level. Our specialty is California airports and we work closely with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and local government to meet the demands of economic and population growth while protecting the airport environment. Aviation safety is our priority when balancing the needs of airport owners, land owners and project developers interested in tapping the full potential of the airport economic engine.

  • Financial Planning

    Airports are a unique business environment that operate much like their own city and require a principled approach to finance to ensure short and long term development can be implemented without delay.

  • Local, state, and federal regulations

    In the airport environment, planners, developers, and engineers must take into consideration the governing laws of cities, counties, the state, and FAA.

  • Land Use Considerations

    Planning for the demands of future air travel must be coordinated with local government to preserve the development potential of surrounding land use.

  • Environmental Considerations

    Airport planning involves the unique considerations of NEPA and CEQA regulations.

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