July 31, 2016



Financial Planning and Capital Programming – Financial Planning and Capital Programming is critical to creating a strategic long-term vision for airport development. Understanding financing options, development alternatives, and regulatory obligations will ensure that an airport’s objectives are balanced with tenant needs, market demand, and daily operational realities. Master planning can be an essential road map for measuring development progress, making timely adjustment to meet demand, taking advantage of opportunities for growth, and securing federal grant funding. As part of an airport’s overall  development program, we outline an approach to ensuring that projects are in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This includes airport noise compatibility planning (Part 150).

Facility Planning – Airport facility planning involves a comprehensive assessment of airfield, terminal and landside demand against available real estate and financial resources to achieve a program that meets the needs of the airport, passengers, and tenants. What is required to potentially upgrade, expand, abandon, or modify existing facilities must be weighed against long term goals and costs. Tasks include collecting operations data, inventory of developable land, alternatives analysis, evaluating environmental documentation and clearances, understanding lease terms as well as city and/or county permitting requirements, and evaluating any concept or engineered design documents against airport design standards, security, and customs guidelines.

Select Projects: ONT Guardian Jet Center Development, ONT FEDEX Development, Ontario International Airport (ONT) Program Management, ONT Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP), ONT Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Master Plan Study, LAX Environmental Impact Statement/ Environmental Impact Report, LAX International Gateway Analysis, LAX South Airfield Improvement Project EIR, San Diego International Airport (SAN) Airport Master Plan and Airport Development Plan (ADP), SAN Environmental Impact Report/EA, Ontario International Airport (ONT) Master Plan Study, John Wayne-Orange County Master Plan Update, Corona Airport Management Study.

Land Use Planning – We provide airport land use planning expertise to airports, cities, counties, and private land developers to ensure that the highest and best use of land near airports can be a safe and compatible neighbor to the airport and its users.

Select Projects: Colorado Springs Airport Land Use Plan, City of Cloverdale – AVR Land Use Compatibility, Google San Jose Master Plan Land Use Planning, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Airport Land Use Plan, San Luis Obispo Airport Land Use Commission Airport Land Use Plan update and revisions, Perris Valley Airport Land Use Compatibility, Ontario International Airport Adaptive Property Reuse Study, Boeing Douglas Park FAA Land Use Coordination.

Business & Policy Development – Airport’s today are market-driven requiring a business-oriented organization. We work with our clients on strategic plans, air service development, airport operations analyses, construction phasing, and financial planning to optimize service and maximize revenue. Our practical approach to airport development stems from our work with the Federal Aviation Administration, local and state governments, and airport owners on planning, engineering, environmental, and operational processes and policies.

Select Projects: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Strategic Planning Analysis, Ontario International Airport (ONT) Strategic Plan, ONT Engineering and Environmental Tenant Project Review Approval Process, ONT Procurement Manual, ONT DBE and ACDBE Programs, ONT NEPA/CEQA Review Manual, San Diego International Airport Strategic Plan.

Dispute Resolution – We provide technical planning support to legal defense teams so that their clients can complete critical planning, development, and environmental processes. We represent clients in the public and private sector with aviation safety being our top priority.

Select Projects: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Stipulated Settlement Agreement, John Wayne-Orange County Settlement Agreement Extension (representing the City of Newport Beach).

Airspace Design – Enhancing operations through more efficient airspace design is one way to address capacity and delay issues at an airport. Using simulation technologies, we can evaluate the impacts of new surface movement and airspace configurations as advanced navigational capabilities become more sophisticated.

Select Projects: Denver International Airport Airspace Redesign Program for 32 new RNAV arrival and departure procedures, City of Phoenix, Aviation Department Airspace Feasibility Assessment.

Specialties: Airport master plans, airport capital improvement plans (ACIPs), airport layout plans (ALPs), facilities planning, program management, environmental planning, airspace design, land use planning, financial planning, benefit-cost analysis, capital improvement planning, business planning, strategic planning, decision analysis, policy analysis, expert witness and other litigation support, aviation safety analysis.