August 2, 2016

Perris Valley Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan


Project Profile

Project Name: Perris Valley Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Client: City of Perris

Purpose: The City of Perris selected Johnson Aviation to assist in airport land use planning for the Perris Valley Airport. As a privately owned, public use facility, no master plan has been prepared for this airport and the Compatibility Plan is based on a simplified airport layout diagram that is reviewed and accepted by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Division of Aeronautics. The existing runway configuration results in the entire Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) for Runway 15 extending off of airport property. Limited land use controls are in place in this critical airport safety zone as a result of ownership issues. A Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) was needed to ensure that this economic and recreational asset to the City of Perris is in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Caltrans planning standards.  The new CLUP was also needed so that the Perris Valley Airport could comply with and allow for redevelopment of the Perris Downtown Specific Plan area to the north, the Green Valley Specific Plan to the south, and continue to meet the needs of the community.

Tasks: Johnson Aviation initially reviewed and commented on the Perris Valley Airport Draft Comprehensive Land Use Plan(CLUP) as prepared by the Riverside County ALUC. A review of Riverside County ALUC’s Countywide Policies, the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook, California Public Utilities Code and related previous Riverside County ALUC actions was also completed. Revisions were proposed to the Draft CLUP based on actual airport use in coordination with City of Perris staff and the airport owner. These revisions included updates to noise contours, activity data, land use and zoning map revisions and associated impact area maps. Johnson Aviation proposed a fully revised draft CLUP that balanced the developed community north of the airport with the relatively undeveloped areas south of the airfield.  This approach recognized the limited flexibility in the built environment and redevelopment needs of the City of Perris while providing better airport land use protections for future development in new areas of the City south of the airport.  A complete compatibility report was drafted for the Riverside County ALUC staff regarding the Draft CLUP and proposed revisions to the plan based on the review and discussion with City of Perris staff and the airport owner.

Outcome: Johnson Aviation facilitated a working committee of the Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission, ALUC Staff, City of Perris Staff and the Airport Owner to find common ground and adopt the suggested airport land use approach.  The result was the completion and adoption of the new Comprehensive Airport Land Use Plan by the Riverside County ALUC by unanimous decision.

Reference:  Richard Belmudez, City Manager, Perris California