August 30, 2018

ONT Program Management


Project Profile

Project Name: ONT Program Management

Client: Ontario international Airport Authority (OIAA)

Purpose: JA provided program management and staff support to the OIAA since the Airport was transferred in November 2016. JA’s responsibilities were wide-ranging and included assistance with transfer activities including establishment of a tenant and capital project approval process, environmental compliance program, Part 139 Certification support including revision and distribution of the Airport Certification Manual (ACM), assistance with project planning and implementation including successful execution of an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant totaling more than $6.5 Million to support construction of Taxiway S5 and repairs to the Taxiway S&W intersection, project entitlement under both NEPA and CEQA, tenant project support and coordination, serving OIAA on all aspects of coordination for a major new cargo facility including lease negotiations, planning, environmental entitlement, FAA approvals, facility layout and design, and implementation strategy. JA prepared a $300 Million Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that reflects the Airport’s most pressing needs. The CIP was based on planning evaluations of existing facilities, deferred maintenance, and coordination with tenants to prepare for future air service improvements, air cargo growth, and general aviation. The CIP was coordinated with FAA by JA staff to ensure critical projects would have the best opportunity for AIP funding.

Tasks: JA Staff worked alongside OIAA staff for three years assisting with all tenant-improvement and airport projects, stakeholder engagement, project financing, and entitlement.

  • Understanding OIAA Goals and Objectives to support OIAA Staff and tenants.
  • Regularly working with and coordinating with FAA and the City of Ontario.
  • Successfully processing two ALP updates with conditional approvals for major projects (Taxiway S5, Taxiway A, International Arrivals Facility at Terminal 2, Guardian Hangar, NW cargo facility).
  • Successfully processing NEPA CATEX and CEQA NOE documents for major projects (Taxiway S5, Taxiway A, International Arrivals Facility at Terminal 2, Guardian Hangar, NW cargo facility).
  • Preparing a $300 Million Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to reflect the Airport’s most pressing needs.

Outcome: JA demonstrated responsiveness in all aspects of this assignment. Enthusiastic engagement in stakeholder matters with the City of Ontario and FAA were a particular focus of JA’s work with OIAA. Working with staff, tenants, and other consultants to develop master schedules and run project coordination meetings ensured that critical-path components were not overlooked; FAA grants, City permits, and other entitlements. This approach of communication and understanding the complexities of every project facilitated milestone success.

Reference: Keith Owens – Director of Engineering;